Established early 2018,

with a mission to empower coffee brewing enthusiasts. Founded by Elliott Palous, he had the idea whilst working as a waiter, making his own flat white at the bar whenever he had the chance. Coffee having always held a special place in his heart, felt it was possible for anyone to become their own personal barista.

“From a young age, my favourite ice cream flavour was coffee, that love was reinforced visiting the coffee fields of Panama, and even further working as a waiter learning the various possibilities steamed milk could add to an espresso.”

The True Coffeehouse brand holds a great amount of respect for professional baristas around the world, as well as admires the craft when perfected. However, True Coffeehouse.com believes, that making your own specialty coffee right from home should be an enjoyable learning experience.

That is why, True Coffeehouse.com is determined to build a community of amateur baristas who share the same passion for coffee as we do. We want to turn your kitchen into a fun and creative barista competition for you to host for friends and family.

When looking through our website, you will find a collection dedicated to travellers, this is for those who don’t see any other option but to brew their own coffee wherever the wind takes them. Whether you are on a business trip, or your camping in the woods, we want to make sure that we have you prepared to meet your needs.

We have made it our mission, to bring highly sought after brewing products and uncovering lesser known brewing methods to the western world. So that everyone can find the brewing method which is right for them as well as suitable for their environment.

Elliott aspires True Coffeehouse.com to become the one stop shop for many coffee lovers, by continuously working with new suppliers that can woo the community. We plan on bringing you highly sought after, responsibly sourced coffee straight to your door. Whilst providing you with lesser known products for everyone to enjoy at a fair price.

We don’t expect you to become baristas overnight without any training. Our Newsletters is where you will find curated and self-produced guides on how to make your coffee just right. Alongside news on upcoming products and promotions.

Throughout we’ve mentioned community a few times, this is because we want our true supporters to be part of what we hope to be an ever-growing community. A community you’ll be proud of talking about because of the effort we will always put in to satisfy our supporters. We look forward to taking on feedback on some of the products you want to see next by sending us a tweet @truecoffeeh.

Based in the UK, we are always on the lookout for great products at even greater value. This is why we provide Free Shipping to as many countries as possible. 
Please contact us for any queries.